2019 Ameripolitan Award winner for Honky Tonk Male

“Whenever anyone asks me who is the next country artist to keep an eye on, I tell them Jesse Daniel from California. Every time. He is the future of country music, and he just won the 2019 Ameripolitan for Honky Tonk Male.”


Country singer Jesse Daniel wins Ameripolitan Award for Honky Tonk Male in Memphis, TN

Jesse Daniel’s debut album review by Saving Country Music (

Rambunctious, edgy, greasy and gritty in a good way, Jesse Daniel brings a lot of wild-eyed exuberance to a traditional country sound mixed with just enough of an old school rockabilly edge and true-to-life lyrics to keep it youthful and interesting.

- Saving Country Music

(Album review)


Jesse Daniel included in Saving Country Music’s “Best Live Performances of 2018”


“Seeing him perform at the West Coast Country Music Festival outside of Ashland, OR proved he’s got the stuff to be receiving national and international attention…”

- Saving Country Music

(Review of “SR-22 Blues” video)


“Filled with honky-tonk goodness, we get a blissful glimpse at the artist in his true element: the stage.”

-No Depression (review of “Hell Bent” video)

"Cali country is in good hands with Jesse Daniel and company. And his new video is here to show you that."

- Raised Rowdy


2018 "Musician Of The Year" Award Recipient 

Jesse Daniel on cover of Santa Cruz, CA newspaper, GoodTimes, for winning Musician Of The Year at The Nexties Awards
Daniel’s tale is one of youthful excess, years of struggle with drugs and alcohol, and—finally—redemption through his music.
— Mat Weir, “The Redemption Of Jesse Daniel”,  GoodTimes cover story

Jesse Daniel write up in No Depression about his debut album
Jesse Daniel is an artist paving the way for a new generation of Americana-laced singer-songwriters. The artist, who has been creating quite a stir, is set to release his upcoming record on May 26th. His charming instrumentation and stunning vocal work creates a masterpiece from start to finish.
— No Depression


“Music lovers say they love authenticity… well it doesn’t get anymore authentic than Jesse Daniel’s self-titled debut.”

- Turnstyled Junkpiled Magazine

Write up about Ameripolitan musician Jesse Daniel for the 2017 Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, California
Jesse Daniel plays authentic Honky Tonk country music for the working class. Born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains, his sound lends itself to the likes of Billy Joe Shaver, Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, all influences of his, while maintaining its uniqueness. Having seen his share of hard times, heartbreak, high times and low times, he possesses a coat of thick skin acquired only through a life lived. A must see for any music fan!
— Redwood Mountain Faire

Jesse Daniel backstage at Rio Theater while receiving Musician Of The Year Award for the 2018 Nexties Awards in Santa Cruz, California

"Jesse Daniel is one of only latest batch of scary talented musicians (see The Coffis BrothersTaylor Rae, et all) to make his way out of the San Lorenzo Valley. I argue that someone should bottle San Lorenzo Singer/Songwriter Spring Water. There’s some serious coin to be made there."

- Michael Gaither, Songs & Stories Podcast

No Depression review of Jesse Daniel’s first single from his debut album titled “Soft Spot (For The Hard Stuff)”

"Rising Americana superstar Jesse Daniel debuts his new single today "Soft Spot (For the Hard Stuff)." Currently hailing from California, Daniel unleashed his musical talents from early on. Taking note from his father who was also a talented musician and songwriter, Jesse followed in his footsteps, which is evident in his music. The result is a pure gold that comes straight from the heart."

No Depression, single review

Paste Magazine review of Jesse Daniel’s second single from his debut album titled “Hell Bent”

"Hailed by the likes of No Depression, he's had critics and listeners falling head over heels for his enchanting tunes, and with good reason. "Hell Bent," is a perfect introduction to new listeners."

Paste Magazine, single review


"Jesse Daniel plays country music that makes you want to drink, dance, and howl on a hot summer night. We’re talking sheer down-home delightful honky-tonk music."

Dan Kadison, News Whistle

Jesse Daniel Ameripolitan Nominee for Honky Tonk Male"
Pairing classic country styling with honest and compelling lyrics, Jesse’s album plays like an old favorite with a twist that is both edgy and uniquely his own.
— Raised Rowdy

"Jesse Daniel is one of our favorite music discoveries here at Rock The Pigeon. He’s the talented singer-songwriter who combines the flavors of country, americana, folk, and rockabilly music to create something that feels reminiscent of an early time period but still feels fresh and exciting to the ears of music listeners, both young and old."

- Ryan Cassata, Rock The Pigeon

"There’s so much to like on   Jesse Daniel  ’s eponymous debut; the songs are strong, the production has just the right amount of grit and the vibe’s up-beat, like a Saturday night in a California roadhouse, with lashings of electric twang, witty lyrics and a real good thump to the drums."  - Whiskey Preachin'

"There’s so much to like on Jesse Daniel’s eponymous debut; the songs are strong, the production has just the right amount of grit and the vibe’s up-beat, like a Saturday night in a California roadhouse, with lashings of electric twang, witty lyrics and a real good thump to the drums."

- Whiskey Preachin'